solar bollard lights

What do you have to assess when you plan to buy solar bollard lights?

The use of solar bollard lights is the best for outdoor lights and landscape design. Looking at them, they are simple and affordable to install, and eco-friendly. Many people want it because it can save from consuming energy than buying an electric bulb. Where it consumes during the night and adds to your account, but some people don’t understand the use of solar bollard lights. Solar lights have a broader quality, especially from power storage to light output and service life. You can ask questions you don’t understand before you buy solar light.

Power storage

Autonomy is one of the necessary qualities of solar bollard lights. But when it comes to power storage, it is also one of the essential qualities. It shows how well a solar fixture can transform sunlight into a battery charge. Using a solar light with good power storage requires less time to charge a low battery and will work with fewer daylight hours. When the lights have a low-capacity battery, they can full charge faster than a more extensive battery. However, the high-capacity battery has a higher storage rate.

solar bollard lights


Some places have harsh climates that are harder on the outdoor compared to other sites. The moisture with extreme hot and cold can destroy batteries and solar cells. When your place is experiencing hot, cold, or wet, the batteries will not survive for a longer time. You must ensure that you buy a low-temperature or high-temperature tolerance during installation. The battery is the first thing that harsh temperatures will destroy.

Luminous flux

Luminous flux is the amount of light output the bollard gives where it is being measured in lumens. With low-quality solar light, they are dim to use. LED lights are the best thing to provide higher lumens with high power. But they only work for a lesser power source. Affordable lumens can produce 100 lumens with the best performance and more than 120. When your solar bollards are made on a lower end, you must balance them by installing them at intervals.

Solar Insolation

Solar insolation is about the amount of sunlight a solar bollard gets daily. But it will depend on the weather pattern, region, and shading that affect the place. Solar bollard lights with good power storage can work for 4 to 5 hours or with no sun exposure. It is preferable in the middle of the day. It means the lights should not be under shade from 10 am to 2 pm. When the light has shade, other solar panels are powered by an LED light. With these models, they are inconvenient to install because it needs to do trenching and it needs to be connected to electric utility lines.


All the lighting systems will give light at different points of illumination. It means the light will show more intense at specific points of distribution. Other patterns will deliver light at distinct intensity levels. It is used to detect when the bollards have to meet the requirements for a project that is available to the solar bollard light.