calcium score screening in Wayne, NJ

What happens if calicium is above normal levels in our body

 Calicium it’s one of the important element which body requires and if it crosses the normal limits then it sometimes costs hypercalcemia and in such kind of situations it causes various kinds of heart diseases such as congenital heart disease, sometime it build up plaque within the coronary artery, blood clots in the chambers of heart, it sometimes causes tumors within the heart as well as many internal organs of our body. so in order to know your calcium levels then visit calcium score screening in vain, engine where it provides and protect you from getting checked your calcium score regularly from any kind of heart diseases. sometimes it even forms renal stones also. the levels of calcium should be below the level off 300 then only your calcium score will be in the normal range so that it doesn’t harm to the heart, when it crosses this limit then it causes a lot of effects especially on the internal organs mainly on the heart etc.

 How to know my calcium score

 It is very easy nowadays knowing your calcium score that is they perform a noninvasive procedure which includes both X ray as well as CT scan in order to know your calcium score and also predict if any kind of tumors such as tumors within the kidneys or any other internal organs it can be known with this test

 If you want to get it done at your nearby place visit calcium score screening in Wayne, NJ the radiologist will perform the procedure and also he make you feel more relaxed during the procedure that is by explaining your thoroughly before the start of procedure which is very important in order to relieve stress and anxiety which patient  get immediately after seeing the equipment

 Once the patient is made anxiety frame then the patient is subjected to the calcium score screening once it is done they will immediately provide that is it so that you can immediately go to your doctor and show them the calcium score levels so that if they are in normal range it is good and if it crosses abnormal then it is very dangerous and immediately this condition has to be taken into consideration

 so if you want to have regular basis checkup then visit this diagnostic center which is of best kind in providing you highly detailed images