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The Subfloor Humidity Test For Compliance In Australia | ATTAR

Concrete slabs are a solid and heavy material, but absoluteness, concrete is moisture stuff exists. These will begin as the liquid scattered of water, cement, sand, and combines even it hardens – moisture will pass out to the concrete for many years. Concrete can be absorbed and transferred through the ground moisture. Although the quality of concrete is no different from the outdoor applications, such as walkways, and terraces, the best ideal for indoors, is mainly installing a residential flooring concrete slab.

Moisture can be a problem when the floor seems dry, but it is not. The sources and movement of moisture develop when little capillaries develop as drain water takes place in solids and goes to the surface of the flooring system. You have to use a concrete floor moisture test that will notify you of the condition of your subfloor.

Why does moisture test your concrete subfloor?

In Australia, it is the standard to have a concrete floor moisture test a requirement before constructing a property, especially in flooring, to prevent any damage in the future. Here are the few reasons why you have to check the moisture on your subfloor:

  • When your subfloor is wet, it may cause damage or imperfections on installing the subfloor. The moisture levels can affect installation in any variety of flooring you use.
  • If you are installing hardwood floors, it will damage the wood and can be deforming, buckling, cupping, and causing the boards to peel away from the subfloor.
  • If you’re installing tiles on your floor, the moisture can break down the adhesive on your subfloor, and the tiles will not secure hold on their place and goes into loose or shifting tiles. Besides, it will damage the floor and end up with mold growth.
  • If you are installing flooring systems materials such as vinyl planks, laminates, wood, and tiles, you should use a lock instead of adhesive above the subfloor. It is advisable to check the moisture levels before installation to ensure that floor is free from moisture.

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Moisture Testing

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