What You Must Know about Automated Email Marketing

What You Must Know about Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing automation is an online marketing strategy that enables marketers to send timed or purposeful promotional emails to the subscribers that end up on their mailing list. This allows online marketers to send personalized messages to both potential customers and current customers on a particular schedule or with specific conditions. There are many uses to sending automated email marketing such as the following:

Email Marketing Uses

Email marketing automation can be used for creating segmented email lists, turning potential customers into full-blown customers, improving efficiency and engagement, and maintaining the engagement and relationship between the potential and existing customers.

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Email marketing automation allows businesses to create highly segmented mailing lists. These lists are segmented based on subscriber activities as well as customer relationship management data such as last purchase, purchase history, and lead stage. Through these segmented lists, marketers can maximize sales and customer engagement.

Through email automation, marketers can also computerize repetitive CRM tasks which can save a lot of time and other resources. Some of the marketing activities that can be automated include tracking and storing customer data, re-establishing communication with inactive leads, calculating the return on investment (ROI), and for determining the customer’s degree of interest and intention to buy with the use of lead scoring. This automated service also allows businesses to provide their subscribers with personalized, timely, and appropriate messages. This enables the engagement subscribers have with their brands to improve.

Email Marketing Benefits

Automated email marketing allows you to be personal in your transactions, allowing them to increase in number. By using an email marketing automation platform, you will be able to include personalized fields that will allow you to populate with information found in your email list. When you tailor emails to specific subscribers, this can have a huge impact on them. Based on research, marketing emails that contain a personalized subject line may have a 26 percent higher rate of being opened. Emails that have personalized messages have a transaction rate that can be six times higher than those emails that contain only generic messages.

You can boost your revenue by sending transactional emails. There are messages that will automatically go to site visitors after they take a concrete action. These may include actions like downloading an eBook, subscribing to a company newsletter, or making a purchase. Transactional emails often contain basic information that the recipient expects to receive. These emails are used by marketers to encourage customers to get on to another step, e.g., after order confirmation the email may also include a list of recommended products.

Leads or prospects are also made to engage in drip campaigns or a series of automated emails that are sent to leads on a regular basis for a set period. This campaign is great for people who are interested in the product or service but not yet ready to make a purchase.