Tips In Picking The Right Planter For Your Plants

Tips In Picking The Right Planter For Your Plants

Choosing the right planters for your plants should not be that complicated. In fact these days, you can now buy from online stores. But if you are new to gardening, then it is important that you determine whether or not you need a planter or a pot, and if you do, what type should you buy. Let this pots and planters article guide you through the process.

Is There A Need to Repot?

When buying plants, they usually come in this black plastic bags. And they are not really pleasing to look at. And most of the time, your plants will grow and rip out their original pots. That is why it is best that you learn how to ‘repot’ your plant. This will give it a fresh potting mix that it can continue to grow in. sometimes, repotting doesn’t always mean that you have to move the plant to a bigger pot or planter. You can use the same size of the pot and just add more potting mix.

Pots vs Planters: Which One Do You Need?

Before you search for pots or planters online, it is important that you know before you start adding items to your cart. For most people who love to garden, then use the terms plants and planters interchangeably. However, they are usually different from each other.

  • They are smaller, round, and generally used to hold just one plant.
  • The planters are commonly used for outdoor plants. They are irregular in size and can hold more plants than pots.

Choosing the Right Size

When choosing a pot or planter for your plants, the size will usually depend on the size, not of the plant itself, but the diameter of the pot that it is originally planted in. It is recommended that if the plant is currently contained in a 10″ pot or less, the pot size to buy should be about 1-2″ bigger.

Draining Is Crucial

It’s best to use planters and pots with drainage, especially if you’re just getting started with watering or when you need to place them indoors. But of course, planters without drainage can work just as well if you are going to use them outdoors.  Instead, you can line the bottom of the planter with lava rocks or something similar to create crevices for the excess water to drain into. Root rot can also be prevented by using these methods. Avoid overfilling the container by more than a third of its dimensions with water.

Picking the right pots or planters for your plant is crucial. You can’t just add items to your cart just because you think they will look good in your garden or as decor indoors. Make sure that you consider the factors mentioned so that your plants will survive even after repotting them.