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The ways of transporting goods have seen many changes over time. Road transport still remains a very popular means of transport thanks to its advantages. Let’s see them in detail.

The world of freight transport is divided between road, rail, sea and air. Even in this situation of plurality of options, wheeled vehicles maintain a predominant role in the sector: for example, in Europe in 2015 almost 75% of transport was carried out with vehicles (source ANFIA, National Association of Automotive Industries) and in the 2010 Italy was the second European country for road transport (Autopromotec Observatory) daftar lalamove.

Such a preponderance of vehicles may perhaps surprise, one would think of a greater dependence on air or rail transport, not subject to road traffic and much more rarely subject to accidents along the way.

However, we must consider that airplanes and trains are vehicles with very strict schedules, for better or for worse: they cannot be started when the client wants, as there are many factors at play (for example, planning and approval of flight routes, management of rail traffic).

Furthermore, except in special cases, an airplane or a train is not dedicated exclusively to the transport of a specific load, therefore it is necessary to compromise with the needs of other parties involved.

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Tailor-made transport

Road transport, on the other hand, is extremely customizable and flexible, meeting the particular needs of each customer with urgent shipping, scheduled shipping, groupage shipping and full load shipping.

Traffic and distance to travel are perfectly manageable factors if you rely on a company with a long experience in the sector: , in fact, makes punctuality its mission, always guaranteeing scheduled deliveries within the agreed times thanks to careful planning of routes to be traveled and a fleet of capable vehicles that support each other in case of difficulty in order to face all kinds of unexpected events.