Commercial Lighting

Learning Excellent Tips for Commercial Lighting

Generally, a business requires more lighting and special considerations than a home in a residential area. You have to deal not only with indoor lighting for the needs of employees and customers but also with outdoor lighting. Installing the right lighting system for your business depends on science, so it’s important to consult a professional for the best commercial lighting advice available.

Business lighting needs will likely be the same whether you work in a medium or large city. Properly certified and trained electricians will help you navigate your journey by choosing the right type of lighting for indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as the best installation locations. They will also be able to consider the current ambient light, the correct lamp technology, select the correct controls such as motion sensors or timers, instrument settings, correct visibility, and more.

Recommendations for indoor lighting

An excellent commercial lighting tip is emergency exit lighting. You and your employees must be able to leave the building safely. Exit signs and battery backup lights are perfect for this situation.

Licensed professional electrical contractors can help you select the right lighting scheme for your business interior, whether you have a small store requiring window display lighting or a warehouse-type facility with larger, brighter lighting needs. For example, you may be offered options such as high span fluorescent lights for large open spaces. Read more at

Modular Lighting System

Outdoor options for commercial applications

When owning a business, you need to know how your outdoor lighting impacts your business neighbors and even nearby suburban areas. An improperly installed reflector can inadvertently blind drivers at night, brightly illuminate nearby houses, or create shadows around a lit area. Wall lights installed on the sides of buildings can create similar problems.

A professional electrician in your area most likely understands and knows city codes and laws governing building and commercial lighting. Tips include installing wall lights or shielded luminaires that point the light down instead of up and out, which is useless. Down-lit signage and interior-lit signage are additional options for the exterior.

When searching for energy efficient green lighting for your business, an electrician can give you options to review. For example, you can set scheduled lighting that turns off at a specific time each day or motion-activated lighting that only turns on when a person enters the room. The same principle applies to the night lighting of parking lots and commercial entrances.


The bottom line is that an electrical contractor can help you with various commercial lighting tips and show you the right direction if you need to apply for permits. With professional lighting, you will not only be able to comply with the law but will also save money and energy in the long run.