Dog Food

Learn The Right Food For Dogs Before Bringing New Pup Home

It is exciting to bring a new pup home. However, there are a lot of things to think about, especially how to raise it and provide everything that it needs. Choosing what to feed your new puppy is a huge decision to make. If this is your first time to bring a new pup home, then the information below will help you decide and understand how to feed your puppy.

Understand Nutritional Requirements

As they grow, dogs need a lot of nutrients. They will need dog food to get the right amount of amino acids, protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Check the label before buying one because it will state if the food is made for a certain life stage of your pup. This way, you are sure that the dog food has all the nutrients in the right amounts, or that it is complete and balanced for that life stage.

Types of Dog Food

Once you have a good understanding of the dogs’ nutritional needs, the next step is to choose between different types of dog food available – dry kibble, wet food, or a mix of both. The decision is really up to you depending on what your pup requires.

Dry food doesn’t have to be refrigerated and they are usually less expensive. The wet food on the other hand has more moisture. It is best that you let it try both. The last thing you want is a picky eater which would make it more difficult for you to feed them when they are older.

Dog Food

The Proper Puppy Feeding

Feeding management is how you feed your puppy. You have two options when feeding your pup – free feeding and meal feeding. The choice for feeding management will usually depend on the time you have.

  • Free Feeding. This is where your puppy has free access to food all day. This is convenient for most pet owners because the puppy can eat whenever they want. However, this has proven to be more difficult when it comes to weight management. There is a chance that the dog can get overweight due to their free access to food.
  • Meal Feeding. This is when you feed your pup at regular times daily. This way, you have more control over when your dog eats and how much they consume. This way, it is easier to train your puppy not only for feeding but also for potty training.

Order Dog Food Online

When buying dog food, it is very important that you only get your supplies from trusted sources. If you choose to order online, visit Here, they have different dog foods available for you from the most trusted brands. Only choose to give the best for your pooch because as they grow, they will have different needs when it comes to nutrition.