Getting the Best Baby Hand and Footprint Kits

Getting the Best Baby Hand and Footprint Kits

Baby handprint Kits allow you to capture your little one’s handprint or footprint while they are still in this cute adorable stage. The handprint kits will enable you to make an impression of your child on paper and then put it in a children’s journal, creating your gift box or frame in a beautiful silver frame.

There are several different options for a baby footprint kit,

They range from buying baby safe paint to simply applying or applying paint to a baby’s hand or foot and then clicking on a blank white card or canvas. You can buy specialty baby paint wipes to eliminate some of the mess associated with painted baby handprints, as all of the baby-safe paint is in these smart wipes.

Once you have the kit at home, you are ready to start taking a baby handprint, an infant handprint, or maybe even both. Use your imagination and let it fly. Use colors if you are an artistic type, or keep colors simple if you are a more conservative type. The best thing about a handprint or footprint is that it will always be unique. No one can create an impression that is exactly how your child’s arms and legs are amazing.

baby inkless print kit

You can also print your child’s handprint on pottery and ceramics. You can do this at your local pottery paint shop to get handprints or have a couple of pottery options. You can order unglazed pottery and then make handprints on the pottery with “underglaze” pottery and send it back to the studio for glazing and professional firing, or you can order pre-glazed pottery and take palm impressions with a little ceramic paint, baked in the oven.

There is also a version of the baby inkless print kit that many hospitals use to take handprints from newborn babies when they are just born. You get a napkin without ink, which is used to wipe the whole hand or foot of the child, and then the pen or the foot of the child is pressed against a particular paper. The magical technology means there is no ink or paint on the baby’s hand or foot.


With the inkless handprint kit, it is now possible to reduce the size of the handprint or your child’s size to be permanently imprinted on fine silver jewelry. A set is just one way to make a footprint or footprint, but other ways are more creative, fun, and unique. The complete solution itself is a kind of easy way out.