Indah Cargo Bandung

Detailed information about logistics business:

The logistics business deals with the complete process of acquiring the resources, storage and the its transportation to its destination. The logistics management includes the process to identify the prospective distributors and also suppliers. It also includes in determining theaccessibility and effectiveness. The logistics managers are also called as logisticians. Logistics in previous days is the military-based word that is used for the reference to obtain the military personnel, storage, and the equipment movement and also supplies. The logistics term is recently used hugely in the business, mainly by the companies that  manufacture products and also show the way of handling the resources for supplying the products.The products can be shipped and delivered through many services like Indah Cargo Bandung.

Resposibities and duties of the logistics:

  • Logistics mainly deal with the order of any product by the customer, tracking of the products, reports and also delivery of the products.
  • The logistics have to respond and answer to the complaints given by the customers in case of lost products and any items damaged during the shipping process.
  • The logistics have to coordinate all the shipments of the products that are ordered from different locations. The logistics will be in contact with the workers in every location and coordinate with them according to the queries by the customers.
  • The entire schedule of the order date, dispatching , shipping and delivery is prepared by the logistics. The estimated delivery of the ordered products is given by them such that the customer can wait for it accordingly.
  • The doctoments required for the orders and the payment modes and its confirmation is managed by the logistics.
  • The entire shipping charges, transportation and service charges are monitored by the logistics.
  • The customers can track the products which is managed by logistics.


Hope you are clear with the logistics business and its duties.