Marijuana is becoming more welcome in the medical field than ever. There are marijuana-containing products that are now available in the market. You can even buy them online at sites like the Tulsa Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. People usually take medicinal marijuana products for chronic pain. Many do not want to take narcotics for several reasons. There is no research yet that conclusively proves marijuana to be an effective medication, but people still believe the several studies showing positive results for chronic pain. Not everyone is keen on smoking. Some prefer to use medicinal marijuana products than smoke. What most people do not know is that there are products other than CBD oil and pills.


Marijuana-infused gum offers a high sensation for under five calories. It takes effect within fifteen minutes, and it lasts for around four hours. A 6-pack spearmint gum provides 150 milligrams of THC, which means 25 milligrams per piece of gum. PlusGum, MedChewRx, and CanChew gums are prominent examples of marijuana-infused gums. These products offer the same benefits, but some do not provide a high sensation.


Sipping marijuana is excellent when it comes to dealing with chronic pain. It is easy to make cannabis-infused tea even at home. Although slow-acting, it offers long-lasting effects. Santé is a fantastic brand offering hemp tea ready for purchase.

Bath salts

Epsom salt is well-known as an excellent bath soak. It combines the pain relief provided by medicinal marijuana with the calming effect of warm water. People who have tried this say that it is a potent remedy for minor pain.


Most people who want to start their day with a kick start gets a cup of coffee. Infusing coffee with cannabis adds extra strength to your usual wake-me-up routine. There are plenty of cannabis-infused coffee pods compatible with Keurig coffee brewers. These pods are available in various dosing strengths and strains. You can also choose to have caffeinated or decaffeinated variations. Some even offer cannabis coffee in different flavors. Another great thing about most cannabis-infused coffee is that their pods are 100% compostable.

Topical balm

Combining cannabis with skin-soothing ingredients makes it convenient to enjoy the benefits with ease. You can now rub it into your skin and get relief from muscle pain anytime and anywhere you are. These balms are available in orange, lavender, bergamot, cedarwood, cherry, apple, strawberry, and a lot more. The mixture of conditioning ingredients and cannabis extract soothes not only muscle aches but also dry skin.

Although there are many places where marijuana is already legal, medical marijuana is still not available in most of these. Washington, California, and Colorado have some of the more unique medicinal marijuana products. Federal law prevents traveling across state lines with any THC-containing product. For now, people are hoping that more places will decriminalize marijuana usage.