Last Rights was a British three part mini-series, which first aired on Channel 4 on 24 March 2005.

It is set in the year 2009 in a Britain where voter apathy is at an all time high and a new political party (The Democratic Consensus Party) has just been voted into office. Tariq (described as a young tearaway) steals a laptop, not suspecting that it belongs to the head of the DCP, John Spears (played by Philip). His friend, Max, starts to worry when his friend subsequently vanishes.

Cast: Philip Glenister, Ashley Walters, Keira Jane Malik, Sonnell Dadral, Stephen Graham, Colin McFarlane, Niall Refoy, Mamta Kaash, Iddo Goldberg, Francesca Fowler, Martin Walsh, Ged Forrest, Timothy Davies, Charles Dance Produced by: Sara Hamill …. line producer Rob Pursey …. executive producer Philip Trethowan …. producer Written by Clive Bradley Directed by Bill Anderson Channel 4 TV 2005