I.D. was a 1994 British film made by BBC Films about football hooliganism, directed by Philip Davis and starring Reece Dinsdale, Sean Pertwee and Warren Clarke. Philip played Charlie. It is set in England, mainly London, as well as Rotherham and Bradford in the 1980s. The tagline is “When you go undercover, remember one thing… Who you are.”

Four police officers go undercover to infiltrate a hooligan firm that supports the fictional football club Shadwell Town FC, in order to discover the identity of the ringleader. However, as the officers are drawn into the macho world of hard drinking and frequent violence, John (Reece Dinsdale) soon finds himself turning into one of the thugs that he was originally sent to investigate. The other three officers are able to keep some perspective on their relationship with Shadwell and its fans. John’s transformation into a violent, drug-taking, foul-mouthed hooligan leads to him splitting up with his Wife, and to him starting a relationship with the landlady of the football firm’s local pub, Lynda (Saskia Reeves). When he has sex with Lynda on a table, a Shadwell tattoo is revealed on his buttock. His new status as a hooligan is apparent when he fatally stabs a Tyneburn fan in the midst of a pitched battle. The final scene has Trevor (Richard Graham) watching a Neo-Nazi march and noticing John participating in the march as a white power skinhead. John tells Trevor that he is on another undercover mission, but as the film closes, it seems that John may be embracing the life of a neo-Nazi in the same way he embraced the lifestyle of a football hooligan.

Writers: Jim Bannon (story) Vincent O’Connell (writer) Produced by: Luciano Gloor …. producer Sally Hibbin …. producer Christina Kallas …. producer. Directed by Philip Davis BBC Films 1994