Demons was a British six-part supernatural drama TV series produced by Shine Productions, which premièred on ITV on 3 January 2009.
It was produced by the same company that made the Sky1 supernatural drama Hex and the BBC One fantasy series Merlin. The DVDof the one series made was released on 6 April 2009.

The plot follows the adventures of a London teenager Luke Rutherford (Christian Cooke), who learns that he is the last descendant of the Van Helsing line by the sudden arrival of his American godfather Rupert Galvin (Philip). Luke is charged with the role of smiting the gathering dark forces of the world whilst trying to live an ordinary life of exams and parties.[4] Rupert Galvin helps train Luke with the assistance of Mina Harker (Zoe Tapper), a blind vampiric concert pianist and authority on half-lives (i.e., vampires, demons, zombies, and werewolves). Luke’s best friend Ruby (Holliday Grainger) also joins in on the action.

Philip plays Rupert Galvin, an American demon hunter with a sarcastic sense of humour, Rupert is Luke’s godfather. His close friend was Luke’s late father, whose death Rupert may have been partly responsible for. Rupert appears ruthless and cold-blooded, driven by a fanatical hatred of demons after one murdered his wife. But he is a warm-hearted individual who cares about his friends and looks upon Luke as a son. He drinks too much to drown his sorrows.

Demons debuted on ITV with 6.27 million viewers. On 19 June 2009 ITV confirmed it would not be making a second series of Demons.

Created by Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy. Written by Peter Tabern, Howard Overman, Lucy Watkins. Series Produced by: Johnny Capps …. producer (5 episodes, 2009) Sara Hamill …. line producer (5 episodes, 2009) Julian Murphy …. producer (5 episodes, 2009) Dean Hargrove …. executive producer: Sony Pictures Television International (3 episodes, 2009) Series Directed by Tom Harper Produced for ITV by Shine Productions 2009