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Prey, ep 2


Prey, series 2, ep 2, ITV Wednesday 16th December 9pm

After a shocking revelation, Murdoch and Jules are left feeling uncertain of who is holding Lucy. As the pair continue to search for her, the hunt takes them to Jules’s hometown of Blackpool. However, DI Reinhardt is one step ahead of them, and has already set up a trap in the hope of ensnaring her prey. Thriller, following the story of a prison officer who is forced on the run with a young female prisoner when his daughter is kidnapped.
Starring Philip Glenister, Rosie Cavaliero and MyAnna Buring

Director: Lewis Arnold
Executive Producer: Nicola Shindler
Producer: Tom Sherry
Writer: Chris Lunt

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  1. Run Philip Run! Thanks for posting. Not been able to see the series yet. But congrats to Philip and all, on all the great reviews. I’ll buy the DVD.


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