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Cinemax have unveiled the official Season 1 trailer for Outcast, a demons-against-humankind comic-book adaptation from executive producer Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead).

In the trailer, we meet Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit), a man from a small town in West Virginia who has dealt with demonic possession his entire life. Barnes isolates himself in order to keep his loved ones safe and meets a young boy named Joshua Austin who is battling demons of his own.

Philip stars as Reverend Anderson, an alcoholic evangelist who views himself as the face of God’s holy war against the supernatural.

Philip attended Comic Con in San Diego California recently where it was officialy announced that Outcast would run for 10 episodes and would have a global launch in 2016.

Philip now has his own Twitter news account. Catch up with all his latest news now:


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  1. Jessica T.

    It is a very exciting trailer!! I’m looking forward to the complete show. I hope it will be so successful like The Walking Dead!


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