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For the Love of Cars ep 7 of 8


For the Love of Cars series 2 ep 7 of 8 Sunday 31st May 8pm Channel 4

Philip and Ant take a 100-mile road trip from Bristol to the Devonshire coast in a VW camper van, and reveal how motoring was revolutionised by the air-cooled engine used in this vehicle and several other iconic cars. Along the way, they meet a car collector who owns seven Citroen 2CVs and come to the aid of a driver who wants their help restoring his treasured VW Beetle so it can be sold at auction.

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3 Responses to “For the Love of Cars ep 7 of 8”

  1. Dennis S. Lewis

    Great show. Live in the U.S. so I found it on the internet. Quite refreshing, considering all the car shows out there. Think this is the best I have seen.
    As, I have not seen anything on series three, I suppose you have moved on to other things. Thanks for the ones you did. Good job man. All the best to you and Ant.

  2. Dear Phillip please could you take over from Chris Evans on top gear? He needs a rest and you would be soooo much better. X


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