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For the Love of Cars – series 2


For the Love of Cars – new series

Phil and renowned car designer Ant Anstead take another trip around the barns and lock-ups of Britain, returning classic motors to their former glory. They begin in Hertfordshire with an Aston Martin DBS – the model driven by George Lazenby in the Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Over 10 weeks, they complete the bare metal restoration before the vehicle is sold at auction, and Philip gets to experience Roger Moore’s DBS from the cult 1970s show The Persuaders.

Channel 4 – 8pm Sunday 19th April

2 Responses to “For the Love of Cars – series 2”

  1. Glenn Litherland

    Watched last nights show and wasn’t sure about the choice of colours picked for the exterior and interior for the DBS. But what a result! when I saw the finished item it was JAW DROPPING. I froze the picture to take it all in. I wish I had been able to see it in the flesh.
    Well done Ant.
    The village Farsley where I live in West Yorkshire, Leeds also has a history of Aston Martins it used to be the home of David Brown gears factory.

  2. Love the show but stop being so poncey. Albeit, your choice of cars have been of the more luxurious price range, I feel that you need to focus (if just for one week) on the lay(wo)mans motor,guys

    I was the first girl in my schools history to want to train as a car mechanic (which I did @ Jaguar/Range Rover) and my baptism of fire into the realms of driving involved an RS Mexico and a Ford Capri.

    At 15, I coveted a 3.1 Bullet Capri which I regularly walked by which was forlorn and abandoned in someones front garden bruised, battered and never to be roadworthy again.

    And at 18, I was dead set that I most definitely wanted to rock a RS Mexico, complete with Larkspeed Exhaust, Weber Carb, Cibies and Forest Arches. 🙂

    However, my budget only extended to a Talbot Samba. :/

    Do a bird a favour and indulge an eighties chick. xx


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