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Big School 2 ep3


Big School episode 3, 9.30pm BBC One

Mr Gunn views the impending parents’ evening at Greybridge in a whole new light when he discovers that one of his pupils may well be his son. Desperate to be the father the boy never had (apart from his current father), Gunn sets about trying to make his boy’s school days as joyous as possible, while Mr Church and Mr Martin battle to make sure Gunn’s hot gossip is spread far and wide.

A meeting with their pupils’ parents also presents challenges for the rest of the Greybridge staff: Miss Postern’s struggling to stop everyone eyeing her cleavage, Ms Baron’s attempting to dodge the event altogether, Mr Barber’s desperate to master his errant leaf blower and everyone’s trying to avoid missing the final of The Great British Bake Off.

BBC Big School website.

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