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Big School 2 ep 2


Big School episode 2, 9.30pm BBC One

It’s Miss Postern’s birthday – but unfortunately it seems she’s the only member of Greybridge’s teaching staff who’s remembered. Her spirits are soon raised by the arrival of the dashing Dr Dalton, who’s taking over teaching geography – news that doesn’t go down well with Mr Gunn, especially as he’s just splashed his salary on a flashy new motor.

Mr Church isn’t overjoyed with the doctor’s arrival either, as the last thing he needs is another rival for Miss Postern’s affections. He sets about finding her a present that will leave his adversaries (and Mr Gunn’s car) in ruins.

When it comes to true love there are always casualties, and a romantic dinner at Miss Postern’s house leaves none of those who have the misfortune of attending unscathed.

BBC Big School website.

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