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Big School series 2 trailer

5 Responses to “Big School series 2 trailer”

  1. Excellent! Thanks! Look forward to it. Glad to see Trevor going up in the world. Not sure the students will be! 😉 Am currently listening to Philip narrating a documentary about the Jumbo Jet on Aussie TV. Fascinating story!

  2. My name is Mr Gunn. I am a real PE Teacher. I won’t words with Mr Glenister !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. HILARIOUS!! There is a REAL Mr Gunn, PE teacher? I trust the similarities stop there?! 🙂

  4. Enjoying seeing a lot of Philip Glenister recently. Apart from From there to here, and For the love of cars, and Big School, I am enjoying re runs of Ashes to Ashes on Sony channel, and have just finished watching Island at War which was recently shown in the afternoons. It was absolutely wonderful, and Philip brilliantly cast as the German Baron. Don’t understand how I missed it when it was originally shown. Such a pity there was no sequel.


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