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From There to Here ep 2


From There to Here, BBC One 9 pm Thursday 29 May

May 1997. As election fever hits Britain, Daniel’s double life is beginning to catch up with him. On one side of Manchester, his wife Claire proudly watches their eldest daughter stand as a Labour candidate – and on the other side, Joanne is in labour with his new daughter. Robbo rebuilds his club.


2 Responses to “From There to Here ep 2”

  1. I wish Netflix would carry There to Here as well as Ashes to Ashes. Mr. Glenister is an underrated actor.

    • Shelley, I live in the states so if I want to see Phil’s work, I have to wait for DVD or Neflix or Amazon. I actually “discovered” him on Netflix in Island at War. More recently, I finished watching Hidden. That was so well done. So, I’ll look forward to From There to Here–hopefully within a year. *sigh*. And, you’re right, he is underrated.


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