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“…Cars” ep 4


For the Love of Cars – 8pm Sunday May 11th Channel 4

The Mini Cooper Mk1 was the car that changed everything. Now it’s down to Philip and internationally renowned car designer Ant Anstead to find, rescue and restore one back to its former glory.

But no ordinary model – Phil has set his hopes on an incredibly rare Mk 1 Cooper. Ant finally tracks one down in Dublin; a rusting heap at the back of a barn.

From its revolutionary design and front wheel drive, to its conquering record as a track and rally car, the Mk 1 was the small car with the big heart driven by royalty, 60s superstars and the man and woman on the street.

Everyone loved the Mini and it is widely considered to be one of the greatest cars ever built. Philip explores the story of the Mini and meets Stirling Moss. He throws one around one of the most dangerous roads in the county and the show concludes with a Mini flash mob.

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4 Responses to ““…Cars” ep 4”


    Can’t wait to see the Mini restored – the other cars were great to see – but the Mini, well, we’ve all driven one haven’t we? Not a MK1 Cooper though – lucky Phil!

  2. mike goddard

    Had several Cooper S’ in the 80s when you could pick em up for about 150 notes, the 1071 I had was epic!!


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