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For the Love of Cars


For the Love of Cars, Channel 4 Sunday 20th April 8pm

Car fanatic Phil  and internationally renowned car designer Ant Anstead are on a mission. To scour the barns and lock ups of GB for wrecked treasures to bring to life – as perfectly as is humanly possible. These cars are everyday classics. They’re the cars our dads drove, cars that we loved as kids, cars we first ‘parked up’ in….

Ant will undertake the ultimate bare metal restorations on each car : the Ford Escort Mexico, Land Rover Series 1, Mini Cooper, MGTC, DeLorean and Triumph Stag.

While Ant is ‘on the spanners’, Phil will meet the people who are ‘married’ to their motors. For some people their car is a member of the family – they consider it like a child…From them he’ll discover the touching, funny and often hard to believe stories that make each of these cars more than just metal and rubber. He’ll also spend some late nights and early mornings with hardcore fanatics, obsessed with speed and perfection who drag Phil into the full fury of their passion with muddy and terrifying consequences. He will take inspiration from those he meets to inform just how Ant restores the cars – from the headlights and wheel trims to the steering wheel & go faster stripes.

From cops and robbers who drove the same car, an off road mountain trek with an 80 year old explorer, and the man who truly believes there was a Landrover on the moon… – there is no wheel Phil won’t jump behind the wheel of to tell the story of our shared love of the Great British Motor. He reports back to Ant which element is crucial to the perfect restoration…Each show builds to the big moment where the devotees scrutinise our restored car, in all its glory…. And Phil and Ant take it for a rather glorious spin.

The series culminates in the finished cars going to a public auction to see if all the blood, sweat and tears have been worth it. Will they achieve a price which reflects the guts and glory of the restoration?

Channel 4 Sunday 20th April 8pm

Channel 4 website

58 Responses to “For the Love of Cars”

  1. Tim Cooper

    Looks like a cracking show. Are you looking for submissions for the show? I may have something for you.


    • Hi Tim, thanks for the comment. This series has been shot so the producers aren’t looking for submissions at this stage but I hope you enjoy the series.

    • Can’t believe that our ABC television station has shown the first four episodes and has now scheduled another programme in its place, now we have been left high & dry without seeing the MG TC episode and the auction 🙁
      So pleased to read on another website that there is a DVD to be released shortly yahoo…
      The chemistry between Philip and Ant is fantastic

  2. I was involved in some of the driving shots early one Sunday morning – it should be a great series, not to be missed if you love old cars!

  3. Awesome show, would liked to have seen a little more of the restoration but nevertheless its good to know someone else is brave enough to take on these restorations like we do. “Fire up the Escort”

    • Yeh me too !!!, It’d be fascinating . . . but I wouldn’t want to lose out on ANY of the other stuff the guys put in though. Maybe the episode lengths could be more realistic . . . four hours might be enough 8D
      Anyone else want to vote for a series 1 Esprit in the second series?

      • a brooone

        I think you missed a trick there; we all appreciate (pre) production constraints, but having the auction before even the first programme was transmitted is a great shame.
        What did the money raised go towards?

        Great programme though, (despite what the Beeb claim) No-one I know watches Top Gear anymore, its so predictable and Boring, just a PR stunt for Clarkson and his wannabe cronies.
        How nice to see a well paced, interesting car programme, and yes, Glenister is a very good presenter (more out takes at the end, for the next series, please!)
        Well done Ch4,and the production team, this is the right length, detail and good.

  4. Andy Kemp-Perchard

    I thought the first episode was Fantastic,I hope the rest will be as good,Do you now if the show will be out on Dvd
    All the best

    • Hi Andy, thanks for your comments. We haven’t, as yet, heard if it will be on DVD but it is likely. We will, of course , let you know via the website.

      • philip longdon

        I hope there is a dvd as I’ve really enjoyed the series and I for one would buy the dvd

  5. Thanks for great wrap of the first episode. Very well written. I thought it was a ‘professional’ news article at first! Well done. Glad the show got such good reception. I look forward to it hopefully coming to Australia.

  6. I’m not in the U.K. but have seen the first episode. Ahh memories! Reminded me of my first and favourite car, a Ford Escort GL (or GT?) 1970 something, sports model. Took off like a rocket! But stopped just as soon if a bit of rain got in the distributer. So we parted ways after our too brief love affair. *SOB* I also hope the series comes to DVD.

  7. Gavin Godliman

    Great show guys loved it!! I have a1974 hillman hunter gls holbay 1725 which needs restoring but I haven’t got the time or money to see it through as this was my father in law who passed away with cancer three years ago, I would like to get completed for him, would your show help in anyway?

  8. This is a great tv program and can u possablie tell me where the garage is based thanks rio

  9. Been a great show and thoroughly enjoyed the format
    and the relationship between Phil & Ant feels real.
    I do hope a DVD or Bluray is released as I for one
    would happily rewatch as great content with the
    cars history as well as recommissioning

  10. Great Show – the contrast of Phil and Ant’s knowledge and nous is brilliant !
    Fathers Day coming up…..DVD has to be released – would make a killing ?
    I would love to buy it for my Dad (and maybe a copy for me too!)

    Really enjoyed it so far and cant wait for the next series !!!!

  11. Love “For the love of cars.” a programme that appeals to men and women.. Funny, witty, and love the relationship between the two men. Great to see Phil as himself , and what a great presenter he is. The whole programme is a delight.
    Hope another one on the cards, and it gets repeated for those unlucky enough to have missed it.
    Does anyone know what the viewing figures were.

  12. Loved the show and the final auction, but in the real world just how realistic were the restoration costs? Did the cost of buying and restoring actually break even against what were in several cases record breaking auction results. It was disappointing that a true balance sheet wasn’t used, and the euphoria of the presenters was based on achieving a sale price higher than their estimate based on average sales records rather than what they had spent. Other similar programmes do at least compare final value with the money spent.

  13. Chris Rendall

    Totally loved the series. I really hope that there will be another series. There is loads more cars out there. Rovers, Cortinas, to name but a few. Is a series 2 in the pipeline?

  14. Michelle G

    What a great show. Phil’s dry sense of humour is great and Ant is very easy on the eye! I hope there will be second series.

  15. What a brilliant show – no silly theatrics, just bare fact… Great presenter, restoration crew and loads of relevant history and information on each marque. I loved it, well done.

  16. For the Love of Cars starts this Wednesday night in Australia! VERY much looking forward to it. 🙂

    • And ABC1 here in Australia has pulled the program before the end of the series.Very disappointing.

  17. Fantastic series – long overdue. Another one with some more classic rally cars would be a storm. With the main man Philip Glenister presenting.
    Episode 1 did it for me. Escort Mexico mk 1. What a fantastic classic car. And what a restoration job. Though could have had spotlights! And ‘Minilite’ wheels. Ant Anstead is a genius. And lucky, getting to drive a hot rally car on a forest road!
    For myself 2 hour prog would have allowed more footage, of everything that was done to restore the car.

    Programme got my juices flowing with footage of rally cars; used to be part of that scene as a marshal. Also, had the fantastic limited edition ‘Harier’ model Ford celbrated it’s swansong Escort win in 1979 with (with works spotlight set-up); did ‘chase car’ for car no. 138. Harrier same as Mexico, and AVO / RS models: a supercar; a Spirfire fighter plane without wings. And all the things top rally drivers said about the RS1800. And Top Gear have said about the best supercars.

  18. Enjoyed the Ford Escort and Land Rover episodes. Great restoration jobs and nice chemistry between Phil and Ant. Love all the enthusiasm, humour and social history. Also wasn’t Tom in the Landy episode a wonderful character? Lovely to see how Phil was inspired by him. I like nice cars – tho not technicAlly savvy. But you don’t have to be car mad to enjoy this show. Great stuff! 🙂

  19. Absolutely loved this show! We only got to episode 4 in Australia before the ABC took it off! Great chemistry between Philip and Ant! They are mates on a mission. I would love to be able to do what they do.

  20. have watched the show with much joy. at 56 years old these cars are the cars that i remember in use on a daily basis and I have owned some of the models.
    I do hope that another series will come along soon. I gave up on Top Gear about 15 years ago and its refreshing to see cars looked at in a different way.
    I have 3 cars for resteration which I have owned for 20 years or more 1 is part done but expensive divorce and then Cancer both in 2010 has
    sadley put pay to them evber getting done. 1972 Daimler DS420 Limo, 1982 Ford Capri 2.8 Injection ( totaly original ) and an escort Xr3i convertable 1989 ( totaly original).. Anyone want to take these on. Regards Paul.
    I’m Sure the Capri would be a fantastic car if you do another show.

    • Hi Paul
      Sounds like you have some great cars there. I am interested in taking on the xr3i. I remember these fondly from time living in the UK.
      Let me know what you think

    • I’ve been watching a re-run of the first series on More4, catching up on the episodes I missed, and loving each restoration, along with the repartee between Phil and Ant. I wholehearted vote for a second series, and would so love a Capri to be included. I learnt to drive in a Capri, and so it has a special place in my heart. To see one restored to its former glory would be wonderful! Come on, Channel 4……

  21. Aussie Pete

    A most refreshing show that allows us to relive the cars that were around when we were much younger.
    As mentioned previously the national broadcaster here in Australia has stopped broadcasting the series after the Mini, can you sue your influence to get them moving again? I have tried with little success
    Keep up the great work and hurry along with the DVD, I cant wait!

  22. Glenn Ellis

    I am devastated that we will not be seeing the TC program tonight as different program is scheduled by the ABC. We love the series, it is great and would like to know if the ABC in Australia will be scheduling the balance of the series in the future. After the Mini Cooper had finished last week, the shorts were shown for the TC but when we tried to look at it tonight it was not available. We had been impatiently waiting all week for it.

  23. Glenn Ellis

    Further to the ABC (Australia) info on “For the Love of Cars” I have just found on the ABC web site the following.

    For The Love Of Cars – Scheduling Information
    11th August 2014
    ABC TV advise that For The Love Of Cars is on a scheduled break and the remaining three episodes will be broadcast later in the year. To keep up to date about ABC TV, viewers may like to subscribe to the online newsletter, Switched On, and regularly check the ABC TV guide.

  24. Not happy about you advertising episode 5 of For The love Of Cars and only finding out it was cancelled and replaced with a heap of trash on the night..

  25. Thanks Glenn. I got that response too when I asked them. That info was not on the site when I looked. But there’s been quite a few inquiries [i.e.hacked off viewers!] so it looks like they’ve now put that ‘announcement’ on their site. No apology or exlpanation, I see.

  26. I thought I had missed last week’s episode nbr 5 and was trying to find it on ABC iView and have just learnt that it wasn’t on after all. Can’t understand why the ABC would take this show off for rescheduling later in the year. There’s so many repeat shows on. This is something different and really interesting and there were only 3 more episodes left anyway. I hope there is a second season. I’m sure there are other cars that would be worthy of restoration. What about a Leyland P76?

  27. ABC Australia has let its viewers down ….again
    Advertised episode 5 then showed some rubbish…….Typical!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Most enjoyable show. Good presentation style, down to earth. A bit more film detail of more of the restoration process would be well received. Very disappointed with ABC in Australia not to continue running full lot of shows and then not even telling us they are planning to reschedule last 3 episodes later in the year. Would love to see show continuing on as it has a potential large pool of suitable cars we can remember as part of our lives.

  29. I was lucky enough to buy the Escort Mexico at the auction and be in the last episode. It is a fantastic car to own and drive.
    The car gets so much attention everywhere I go in it.
    I do drive it hard sometimes but that’s what is was made for!
    It will be on display at the Birmingham NEC in November if anyone’s going?

    • Steve – lucky you! Nice to hear about the fate one of the cars, after the auction. Thanks!

  30. Finally saw the auction episode last night on our ABC. Excellent show looking forward to the next series, so many great cars to choose from but I think you nailed it with the range of cars used in series one.

  31. Hi, Good to see another car show, but I feel it is too heavy on the chit chat & too light on the technical stuff. eg the MG TC was a ground up resto & we saw 1 min of Ant forming a panel & 1 min of the engine being finished off. Plainly thousands of hours of effort went into the job & it would be interesting to see more detail of exactly what was needed.To say the car cost UKL17000 which was the purchase price of the wreck is a little misleading; plainly if an owner were paying commercial rates to have it restored the total cost would have been far more. That then would be a valid comparison against the excellent prices achieved at auction. However, basically a great show doing interesting cars; maybe we need 2 different shows -1 as is & another with the search for the wreck then the procedure of restoration including engine &/or gearbox rebuilds, brakes, steering, suspension etc etc. Cheers from Sydney !

  32. Just got back from AutoSport Intentional The Car Racing Show 2015 in Birmingham at The NEC (Sat 10 Jan) and watched the two presenters Phil and Ant filming at the Coys Auction where they were auctioning off the cars ready for the NEW SERIES . What the cars were and how much they made………..You will just have to wait and see ……….. ?

  33. Just watched the show S02E04, in Sydney, absolutely great, can you tell me what the silver Bentley is, parked outside the auction house please.

  34. Richcocoo, For The Love of Cars has been released on DVD in Australia (Region 4). Not sure if released in UK or elsewhere.

  35. Am currently enjoying a repeat of For the Love of Cars series one, on Australian TV (ABC). Is on around midday on Saturdays. Perfect reward after a morning of end-of-week housework. 🙂 Tomorrow – “Its a Stag! Its a Stag!”

  36. Tom Edwards

    I’ve just been watching the programme about Swedish cars on UK Channel 4. Very interesting, but we never get to know what the actual costs of the restorations are. Today it was a Saab 96 which made about 8000 GBP at auction, but the restoration must have cost many times that. In pure financial terms, it simply wasn’t worth doing. Why don’t we get any kind of realistic assessment of this type of project? I’m afraid it rather puts me off the programme.

  37. Why is this not available in the UK – its about clasic uk cars and is a great show. Any plans to release the DVD/Bluray here ?

  38. Loved series one which I saw on the ABC in Australia. Have contacted the ABC to see if there are any plans to show series 2 in Australia. Unfortunately no plans at this stage. Not to worry, for those in Australia, I have found all episodes from series two on “you tube”. Enjoy!!
    I do hope and pray for a third series.

  39. David mowbray

    Hi,we’ll done on the various roles Philip . Please let me know when you auction the cars from series 2 . Thanks DM


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