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Mad Dogs – The Finale


Mad Dogs, Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th December 2013, Sky 1, Sky 1 HD

It’s the finale we’ve all been waiting for, and anticipation is high to find out how things will end for the Mad Dogs. One final obstacle, one final chance.

They’ve stuck together through thick and thin, and now they face one more daunting obstacle that will bring an end to this surreal journey. Continuing to run from their unwanted, drug-fuelled past, this is an unmissable ending bringing closure to our biggest adventure.

London is finally back on the map as our four favourite Englishmen – Max Beesley, Philip Glenister, John Simm, and Marc Warren – find their way back home in this must see, two-part finale. They quickly learn that home life is very ordinary and find themselves feeling lost, but soon enough chaos glues the boys back together and ends their hellish journey once and for all.

Watch the trailer.

12 Responses to “Mad Dogs – The Finale”

  1. The boys have certainly tied themselves up in enough knots! I’m looking forward to seeing how they get out of their mess. Or if they do at all!
    Thanks Philip and Gareth for all your work throughout the year and I hope you both have a wonderful, relaxing Christmas and a happy New Year. Cheers xx

  2. Thanks Theresa. Your support is much appreciated. Have a great Christmas … when we get there!

    • Another great season with plenty of twists and turns. But and its a big but who was the man in the car at the end? Not saying that this will help me piece it all together but it may help.


      Kerry its only a matter of limbo and purgatory!!! the end was limbo for the guys and that because of te bad choices they made…BRILLIANT!!!

  3. Please explain the ending, my husband, my 13 year old son and I have watch mad dogs from the start and always understood it but this ending has confused me too much please help

  4. They died on the beach, them leavin the beach was their spirits, them goin over the bridge was representing them on a road to nowhere ….great series ,will miss it

    • Sarah…interesting view about the ending being the guys’ spirits heading into eternity. I’d not thought of that. But possible and l like the idea. “..Think that’s the end of it?”, says Baxter. Maybe Sarah, it was already the end of them, as you suggest. I loved the music of the series too. Would love it if the soundtrack was available.

  5. Just watched finale on DVD. Final episode particularly good (despite sad ending). Some very moving and gripping performances by Philip (and others). A gripping tight plot and logical ending. When the Tony’s left them alone on the beach, i surmised their plan was to terrorise the ‘Herbets’ so much, they wanted to take their own lives. And so they did. Their sense of helplessness was reinforced by the ever present eyes on the poster suddenly looming right over them. They’d NEVER escape their all-seeing enemies. I must say, the plot in other episodes of the series did confuse me sometimes. But the finale was was riveting and brilliant!


      THERESA series never been confused at all…imagine me as a Greek guy to try to watch each episode with English subs!!! It was pretty simple in my humble opinion…


    having watched A2A, such endings like Mad Dogs,come to a surprise to an unsuspected audience!! Being experienced from such productions
    we expect nothing less than an ideal ending for these brilliant series!!! Here in Greece i am one from a fistful of limited audience (unfortunately)
    to have the pleasure to taste a little bit of such huge success.Believe me when i say that i have seen quite a lot of American series with less interest but what can i say…The only thing that bothers me is that i struggle every time i have to watch a descent show,and i say this because here in my country the big tv channels are narrow minded therefore they buy series from the U.S,!!!


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