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From There to Here

From There to Here

Philip is happy to report that filming is going well in Manchester on his new drama From There To Here.
Philip plays the lead in this 3×60-minute mini-series produced by Kudos Film & Television for BBC One. Also starring Bernard Hill (Five Days, Lord Of The Rings), Steven Mackintosh (What Remains, Inside Men), Saskia Reeves (Wallander, Luther), Liz White (Life On Mars, The Woman In Black), Daniel Rigby (Big School, Eric And Ernie) and Morven Christie (Hunted, 2012).

The drama begins in June 1996 on the day an IRA bomb destroyed much of Manchester’s City Centre – the same summer England was united in optimism for Euro 96′.

From There To Here tells the story of a city, an era, and two families from different sides of the tracks whose lives are brought together in the aftermath of the bomb. The story spans the four years that changed Manchester and the country forever; from ‘Football’s Coming Home’ in 1996, to New Labour sweeping to power in 1997, and finally to the hangover after the Millennium celebrations of 2000.

With an epic sweep, From There To Here charts the tragic and comic misadventures of two families as Manchester is being rebuilt.

Daniel Cotton (Phil) and his father Samuel (Hill) run a sweet factory and Daniel has the perfect Cheshire family, with his wife Clare (Reeves), son Charlie (Rigby) and daughter Louise (Christie). His rough diamond/street wise brother Robbo (Mackintosh) has a serious rift with his father, and is immersed in the rough urban life of Manchester where he runs a night club.

Daniel, Samuel and Robbo are caught up in the blast alongside hotel cleaner Joanne (White). Their survival of a near death experience provokes changes in their lives that soon spin out of control.

This story is told against the backdrop of a great northern city, which is reinventing itself in the face of adversity and massive socio-economic change. The material damage to the city is echoed in the fault line running through the Cotton family’s fractured relations.

Peter Bowker, creator and executive producer, commented: “I wanted to write a love letter to Manchester – warts ‘n all – and to do it through a family saga that captured something of the city’s pace, life and humour. To attract a cast of this quality and a director of the calibre of James Strong is incredibly exciting and just about compensates for the presence of a City fan as executive producer in the form of fellow Mancunian, Derek Wax.”

Speaking about the role, Philip said: “I’m really excited to be involved in such a terrific new drama written by Peter Bowker. Also to be working alongside such an outstanding cast and crew. And of course to be back filming in my adopted home town of Manc!”

Derek Wax, executive producer at Kudos, said: “I am so excited to be embarking on a new Manchester epic with Pete, so different in every way from our previous Manchester-based collaborations, Occupation and Flesh And Blood. In From There To Here, Pete brings to life a family, city and era with complexity, originality, scale and humour. And I am delighted that the project has attracted such a brilliant cast, as well as the wonderful director James Strong (Broadchurch).”

From There to Here is produced by Tim Bricknell (The Fear, Eric And Ernie), executive produced by Derek Wax (Occupation, The Hour) and Peter Bowker (Occupation, Eric And Ernie) for Kudos Film & Television and executive produced by Stephen Wright, Head of Drama BBC Northern Ireland.

From There To Here is directed by James Strong (Broadchurch, United) and was commissioned by Ben Stephenson, Controller BBC Drama Commissioning, and Danny Cohen, Director of Television, BBC (previously Controller BBC One).

18 Responses to “From There to Here”

  1. I’m REALLY looking forward to this Philip! I particularly enjoy seeing you perform as the lead in quality produced dramas. Like many others, I know someone who was caught up in the drama of that bombing. I know then, that it is a very important story to be told, and told well. I know you’ll do that. Bring it on!

  2. From what I’ve read and seen so far this looks like an excellent production (such as we’ve come to expect from the fine folks at Kudos) Can’t wait to see what Phil and co. have in store for us with this production! – Ash

  3. As anything with Philip Glenister in I am really looking forward to watching this, I really cannot wait and see what this is going to be like, but once again, like everything with Philip Glenister in I know it will be great 🙂

  4. First saw Philip Glenister on Cranford. I live in California, so was not familiar with the character of Gene Hunt. I have since watched all his videos and am looking forward to this latest production. By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed Mad Dogs. Also looking forward to season 4.

    • I first saw Philip Glenister in Islands at War on Netflix (1 1/2 years ago). Loved all the actors but Phil really stood out. Since I too, live in the States (North Carolina), I had not heard of Gene Hunt. But have watched LOM since; one of the best shows I have ever seen. Am hoping to get a regional DVD player for my birthday so I can watch the A2A DVDs I ordered. Also hoping that BBC America or PBS will pick up From There to Here. Will try to email BBC America and pester them.

  5. RE: From There to Here” when does this air on tv , looks good im from near Manchester so looking forward to seeing it + love Phillip Glenister as a actor .

    • Hi Louise, as yet no transmission date but some time this year and as soon as we know it’ll be on the site.


    here in Greece there is nothing ever came from the jobs of Philip Glenister,but,i happen to be a big fan of him and watched until now Life on Mars
    Ashes to Ashes,Mad Dogs and the hilarious Big School!!! I am waiting for the day this new job to be aired and watch it with great satisfaction!!

      • Theresa,hi,have you seen BIG SCHOOL? If you have already what can you tell about the last episode????
        Philip is also very good in comedy…The character he plays,what can i say about him? it’s embarassing for me as a guyinto tears
        but it is well played!!! i did not expect this kind of acting,as you know most of Philip’s performances are dramatic,but,and this was surprising,made me laugh into tears…what can i say about the man!!!

  7. Carole Terry

    Please, please, please let this come out on DVD. As an American fan I have to wait for the dvd of any of PG’s perforances. And I have bought them all!! BBC–we are counting on you to come through!!

  8. Fotis – yes I have seen the last episode of Big School. All I can say is that Phil has lots of scenes in it as Trevor, and some of his funniest, scenes of the whole series! Trevor is particularly badly behaved in this episode and ends up wearing a very ‘interesting’ outfit! LOL

  9. Phil will be discussing From There To Here with Richard Bacon on BBC Five Live at 2pm on Thursday 22 May, and then with Steve Wright on BBC Radio Two from 4pm on the same day.

  10. Hi Phil,

    Just to say, me and my partner dino loved this programme! From There to Here, fantastic, funny, thrilling, all the cast were amazing and excellent.
    We love watching you because you are such a great actor! very convincing and like a real story (not something on tv). And my partner was around Manchester at the time of the bombing!
    Ashes to ashes, life on mars, mad dogs..all superb. Your girlfriend (sorry I don’t know her name) in the programme, also v excellent.
    I wish they could carry on this programme, we want to know more! Really well done.

    Many thanks


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