Big School - DVD

Big School, BBC One Friday September 13th 9pm

Series 1 of Big School is now out on DVD. All six episodes are featured as well as bonus material, including unseen footage from the series. In case you missed it or you just need a reminder... it's that hilarious new comedy from David Walliams about a dysfunctional staff room, unrequited love and chess club!




Big School - ep 5

Big School, BBC One Friday September 13th 9pm

Miss Postern has put herself down for an Ironman competition, but realises too late what is involved. Mr Gunn offers to help with her training, so Mr Church takes an unexpected interest in PE to keep an eye on things.




Big School - ep 4

Big School, BBC One Friday September 6th 9pm

Miss Postern warns the other teachers to be sensitive with troubled pupil Josh when his mother runs off with a Maasai tribesman. Perhaps giving him a part in the bold reimagining of Romeo and Juliet put on by the drama department will take his mind off things.



30TH AUGUST 2013

Big School - ep 3

Big School, BBC One Friday August 30th 9pm

Miss Postern is landed with running the draughts club and suggests merging with Mr Church's chess club, creating the school's first 'chaughts' club.



21ST AUGUST 2013

Site Update

We recently shut down the site to enable us to make various updates including the obvious stye changes. We apologise for any inconvenience that the temporary loss of the site may have caused you but we hope you like this latest version.



16TH AUGUST 2013

Big School – EP 2

Big School, BBC One Friday August 23rd 9pm

It is talent show time at Greybridge School, but the teachers are the acts and the pupils are the judges. Mr Church is reluctant to enter...



12TH AUGUST 2013

Big School – Saturday Review

Big School, BBC One Friday August 16th 9pm

New BBC comedy Big School was featured on Saturday Review on BBC Radio 4 at 7:15PM Sat, 10 Aug 2013




Big School – term begins August 16th

Big School, BBC One Friday August 16th 9pm

Episode 1

Deputy Head of Chemistry Mr Church is about to resign from Greybridge School, but the arrival of Miss Postern the new French teacher changes everything. PE teacher Mr Gunn also has designs on the new member of staff...



26TH JULY 2013

Big School – coming soon

The BBC announced this week that the first episode of this new 6 part comedy series set in a secondary school will be broadcast in the week commencing 10th August 2013. ..



19TH JUNE 2013

Mad Dogs 3 finale.

Season 3 Episode 4 of 4

The quartet arrive at Lazaro’s empty house, where they kill some time by sharing a few home truths and playing the blame game, resulting in a playground-style scuffle....



12TH JUNE 2013

Mad Dogs 3 - 3

Season 3 Episode 3 of 4

The friends head to the British Consulate to establish whether they are in the clear, but find themselves stuck in a compromising situation. ....